What are FRP Wall Panels made of?

FRP, fiberglass reinforced plastic, is a composite material made of fiberglass reinforcement in a polymer plastic matrix.  The sheets are resin rich, resulting in a non-scratchable and durable surface. 

When will my orders ship?

Most products ship in 1-3 days and have a 2-4 day transit time.

Where can FRP board be used?

We have installed FRP in commercial kitchens, car washes, medical facilities, child care facilities, trucking facilities, office buildings, farming facilities, cold storage facilities, schools and supermarkets.

Are smooth FRP Wall panels easier to clean?

No.  Textured fiberglass reinforced paneling is designed to be more scratch resistant than smooth fiberglass reinforced paneling.  The embossed texture maintains an acceptable appearance for longer periods of time than smooth FRP.

 How much FRP adhesive do I need?

One four gallon bucket of FRP adhesive will cover approximately 210 square feet of surface area.  Our rule of thumb is that one bucket is good for five 4’ x 10’ sheets of FRP.  The same is true for installing stainless steel wall panels.

What is the difference between Class A and Class C FRP Wall Panels?

We’ll spare you the boring details such as flexural strength and flexural modulus.  Basically the difference is that Class A FRP panels have a flame spread of 

What are the workable temperatures of FRP?

FRP wall board should be stacked indoors at a minimum of 50° for 24 hours before installation.  FRP panels will contract as temperatures vary.  FRP will endure temperature extremes of -20° to 110°. 

Can I really use FRP adhesive to install Stainless Steel Wall Panels?

We’ve been using FRP adhesive to install Stainless Steel Wall Panels for a decade. 

How will my FRP Panels and Stainless steel wall panels ship?

FRP wall panels ship on pallets in a skid.  One skid of FRP contains 100 sheets.  If you order Stainless steel wall panels with your order, they will ship with your FRP.  If have a custom stainless steel order that requires fabrication, we are experts at packing materials.

Do you warranty turn key installations?

Yes.  Our FRP and Stainless steel wall panel installations are warrantied for one year after significant completion barring acts of God, cracking or settling of foundation or damages caused by others.

Do you offer discounts for very large quantities of FRP Panels or Stainless steel wall panels?

Absolutely.  Email us at info@waterloopaneling.com for a custom quote.

What payment terms do you offer for FRP and stainless steel wall panel orders?  What about for turn key wall paneling installation?

All online orders may be paid by credit card, debit card, or PayPal.  Turn Key installations require a purchase order or contract and payment will be reflect the terms of the in place agreement.  Email estimating@waterloopaneling.com for more information.

 What if I need to return my materials?

We will refund your order less a 15% restocking fee plus the original shipping.  You will be responsible for returning the freight and your material must be in the origninal condition.