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Inside of a Drive Through Car Wash

Car Washes

Car washes must display waterproofing technology at its finest. Extrotech panels come in different widths and heights, and are installed using a combination of adhesive and screws for maximum durability.

Hospital or Office Corridor

Hospital and Office Corridors

Hospital and office corridors are a great place to utilize a variety of wall panels. Decorative wall panels and chair rails keep walls protected against dirt, moisture and damage. FRP panels, FRL panels and Stainless Steel Wall Panels are all great choices for this application.

Exam room in dentist office

Medical Facilities

Medical Facilities generally require Class A FRP. There are some exceptions such as dentist offices, veterinary clinics, plasma facilities, and dialysis centers. Waterloo Paneling has experience in almost every type of medical facility wall protection.

Storage Facility Corridor

Storage Facilities

Storage facilities are an example of highly trafficked projects that benefit from decorative wall paneling. In addition to a decorative FRP paneling, diamond plate aluminum paneling and trim is a great choice for this application.

Inside of a brewery with lots of stainless steel vats in view


Breweries are becoming a mainstay in every city across the United States. Generally, FRP panels are found in the back of the house, whereas Stainless Steel paneling is utilized in areas visible to the consumer.

Interior room in water treatment facility with FRP

Public Works and Water Treatment

Public works and water treatment facilities employ fiberglass wall protection to prolong the life cycle of the walls and to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Interior of nondescript clothing store

Retail Stores

Retail applications for pharmacies, stores such as Gap and Banana Republic, and banking facilities are generally decorative in nature. FRL, Korogard and other decorative FRP Paneling provide aesthetic and sturdy wall protection.